Brand New Day

It’s a Brand New Day at Kudu restaurants! New menu items, better tastes, and faster service in a new comfortable, relaxing and modern restaurant design. Why are we making changes? Because Kudu Cares about you.

Kudu Cares that every person who eats our food enjoys the freshest, made-to-order foods and beverages every time they visit and that each visit makes the day better. We care about our Saudi Arabian community, where we were founded over 28 years ago. And today with 327 restaurants in the Kingdom, we are energized to continue to deliver--

• Freshly prepared foods made from carefully selected ingredients

• Our signature sauces, marinades, and ingredient blends that create the foods you crave

• Our open kitchens and hot grills where you can see your food made

• Our trusted and meticulous methods of food preparation to deliver the highest quality in every meal

• Food for every occasion, whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack

• Great foods for enjoying in our restaurant or at your office or home, with take-out and delivery always an option

• And always, the best chicken sandwich in the KSA